The winners of #hackthecrisisnl

Wow. 1 incredible week, 40 organizers, 831 participants from 69 different countries, 131 supporting organizations and 55 solutions. With those numbers, everyone involved in the hackathon can call themselves a winner. Yesterday during the #hackthecrisisnl finale we saw several very (very) good participants battle for the prizes that our prize partners made available. Below the winners:

Healthcare & Wellbeing

1. Analysis modeCorona vaccine acceleration by online puzzles

Billions of people are powerlessly waiting for a vaccine against COVID-19, while only a few thousand scientists can actually work on it. “That could be different”, thought the AnalysisMode team. They have created a gamified research platform that empowers citizens to help in vaccine research by creating an online puzzle. The input from the participants then makes it possible for artificial intelligence to predict the vaccine formula for COVID-19. The puzzle game has already been played 7000 times by people from 93 countries. The team is in contact with the University of Oxford and pharmacists for the further development of their service.

Contact: Milda Dapkeviciute[email protected]

2. Smart Quarantine by Capgemini

Smart Quarantine provides health departments with the data they need to create an appropriate infectious disease response plan. It also provides education and commerce to plan for the future, and it enables the commerce and economic departments to mitigate and manage both the impact of wave 1 as well as prepare and mitigate for wave 2.

Contact: Jasper Hillebrand[email protected]

3. Canary Biometrix

Easing the pressure on the healthcare professionals by creating a wearable that can monitor core symptoms: temperature and oxygen detecting changes in the body to facilitate care and ease the healthcare system to flatten the curve.

Contact: [email protected]

Logistics & supply chain

1. PPIcertFaster medical products procurement thanks to reliable reviews

Due to the corona crisis, there is a great shortage of medical products, but the market is also being flooded with new alternative providers and products. For healthcare professionals, it is difficult to determine how safe and good-quality they are. To help them choose between all kinds of mouth masks and goggles that serve as respiratory masks, PPIcert developed a review platform which the medical community can use to review products together, and thus determine their reliability. For example, a smaller hospital can take advantage of the time that a larger healthcare institution has already spent on quality research, and doctors and patients can use the products earlier.

Contact: Rosanne Klerx – [email protected]

2. Soti

Soti is an e-platform that helps the LCH (Landelijk Consortium Hulpmiddelen) to bridge the gap between healthcare institutions and manufacturers.

Contact: Abouzar Abbaspour – [email protected]

3. MatchSup

A central marketplace through which suppliers and buyers are matched. By introducing transparency, this will support the sourcing process now and makes it more resilient in the future.

Contact: Milou Ven – [email protected]

Remote education

1. ChallenglyMotivating students for remote learning with gamification

The winning participants started their hackathon by asking thousands of teachers from all over the world about their biggest challenge during their long-term distance learning period. Their answer: to continue to motivate the students sitting at home. To tackle this problem, the team developed the platform ‘Ediya’. Teachers can continue to provide inspiring education by working together and sharing challenges. Thanks to the added game elements, students remain motivated.

Contact: Shreya Ediya – [email protected] 

2.  Job – The AI assistant

Jop is an AI assistant (and friend) helping teachers, parents and most of all kids to cope with the education challenges of COVID19. With the aim to relieve the stress on the short term and use this crisis to kickstart a new way of learning tackling existing challenges in education.

Contact: Fenne Dijkstra – [email protected]

3. Covi

A virtual 24/7 education platform, where parents can select both an education schedule for their children as well as a designated teacher from across the globe.

Contact: Heeyeon Shim – [email protected]

SME & Business Continuity

1. Octo8 – RoodkappjeSaving the local greengrocer by delivering as a volunteer

Many small entrepreneurs are struggling during the corona crisis, and fear bankruptcy. The winning team in the category “Business continuity for SMEs” uses volunteers to help these entrepreneurs. With the app Roodkappje, designed during the hackathon, they link small food suppliers, from baker to greengrocer, with volunteers who present themselves as deliverers. During the weekend, about 25 entrepreneurs have indicated that they would like to use the platform.

Contact: Hooman Nasimi – [email protected]

2. Panda Training

Panda training coaches employees via Slack/Teams to drive behavior and culture change in digital and agile transformation, training programs while collecting qualitative data about the company’s culture & processes.

Contact: Dima Syrotkin – [email protected]

3. The Skill Hub

Creating a web-based hub that connects skilled volunteers with SME’s. This will aid SMEs that are having difficulty affording employement to obtain the skills that are necessary to revive their businesses. Volunteers receive certificates of achievement recognized by INGOs and governments.

Contact: Hani Murad – [email protected]

An overview of all the pitches can be found here. A BIG Thank you to everyone and we hope to hear from you very soon!

3 — 5 APRIL

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